More evidence of the folding phone of Microsoft emerged

New reports and conceptual designs allow us to imagine what the folding phone will be like with which Microsoft wants to start a new product category.

If you thought that Microsoft had thrown the towel forever in the segment of mobile phones after the sale of its division integrated by Nokia phones, you were wrong, or at least that suggests a series of patents, product concepts and rumors that do not stop of sneaking on the Internet.

More evidence of the folding phone of Microsoft emerge

After The Verge a few days ago released some images of how it will be a folding phone from Microsoft, now Patently Apple arrives with new images of the device, in a concept that follows detail in detail the description of the product reflected in the patents to give us an idea of ​​what the phone would be like.

This project of Microsoft would be known under the name of "Andromeda", and with it the company wants to create a "new and disruptive" product category, which would erase the lines between what is considered PC and mobile.

The new pocket device would be a versatile personal computer. Its design reminds us slightly of the ZTE Axon M with a hinge in the middle, although the main difference is that the Microsoft phone - computer can be separated in two.

This Microsoft device would also be compatible with a special pen, capable of allowing you to write manually and make that writing become Word text, for example. If it is real, this phone - computer could surprise Apple, Google or Samsung, who keep their portfolios with phones, tablets and traditional computers, at least for the moment.



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