15 out of date fashion rules, which women continue to follow

If you have ever been criticized for a sense of style, this information will definitely come in handy. Perhaps you just unconsciously understood how to break outdated rules, and adhere to current trends. If you know what rules are based on the current fashion, you can reasonably answer the criticism next time. No one can find fault with your sports sneakers in combination with a dress!

15 out of date fashion rules, which we continue to follow

1- Do not wear open shoes with socks or pantyhose 

1- Do not wear open shoes with socks or pantyhose

Over men who wear sandals with socks, still laugh. Nevertheless, in the female image, this combination is not just appropriate, but it is also considered incredibly stylish. If you decide to try this combination, remember that socks should be interesting and unusual, since they will be the central part of your image. It is also possible to wear tights with open shoes, but only if they are very dense and dark. In addition, they should not have any visible seams. Then you will look quite elegant and stylish.

2- Big breasts should be emphasized, and small ones should be hidden, or vice versa. 

Big breasts should be emphasized, and small ones should be hidden, or vice versa

Stereotypes associated with breast size appear due to complexes, and not because of fashion trends. There are no rules indicating how large a breast should be hidden or visually stressed. A woman should think about it, based on her own preferences, mood and situation.

3-Prohibitions after a certain age 

Prohibitions after a certain age

There are a huge number of such rules: you can not wear things with a funny figure or pink after seventeen, a mini-shirt after thirty-five, cut it shortly to fifty. It would be high time to leave such stereotypes in the past. A modern woman should not limit herself to such conventionality as age, she must wear something that helps her feel comfortable. Fashion approves absolutely any bold decisions, if they look stylish and appropriate.

4-You can not wear the same things several times 

You can not wear the same things several times

This rule arose many years ago, it was dictated by clothing manufacturers, who needed to push consumers to more frequent spending. Modern fashion focuses not on financial superiority, but on individuality - even famous women of fashion are not afraid to appear in the same thing or buy clothes from budget brands. Blind consumption and demonstration of their prosperity look strange and impressive only for teenagers, even in expensive stores now focus on quality and functionality.

5-It is necessary to wear a belt with jeans or trousers 

It is necessary to wear a belt with jeans or trousers

In earlier times, it was believed that trousers with belt loops must be worn with this accessory. Now this rule is considered obsolete for both men and women. If the pants suit you and your image does not require a belt, you can do without it. This will no longer be fashionable miss, as before.

6-The bag must be in shoe color 

The bag must be in shoe color

This is one of the oldest rules associated with fashion - shoes and a bag should be the same color. In fact, now this combination is considered undesirable. When you choose a bag and shoes, choose shades that look harmonious, but do not look for the same color.

7-Pedicure and manicure should be the same color 

Pedicure and manicure should be the same color

Nails on the arms and legs do not need to be the same color. This rule appeared long ago, when lacquer producers produced a limited number of colors. Now the choice of shades is much broader, so that women do not necessarily have to obey the outdated recommendation. Nails of different colors look stylish, even if they are on one hand or foot - just make sure that the shades fit into your image. For example, neon colors will not look good with office clothing, but they will suit the beach.

8-The image is not finished without a suitable styling 

The image is not finished without a suitable styling

Modern fashion fully admits unfinished images. It is enough to wash and dry your hair or make a careless bunch, it all looks quite attractive. You decide which style you prefer, strict rules no longer exist. An ideal hairstyle with a hat fitted to it is necessary only for special occasions, and in everyday life you do not have to worry about it.

9-Cosmetics are compulsory 

Cosmetics are compulsory

The rules associated with cosmetics are similar to those relating to styling. Thin lips or a long nose is no longer considered a failure, so there is no need to try to hide them. Deficiencies of the skin need to be treated, and not hide under a thick layer of foundation. If you have a fresh and rested look, you can do without any make-up. It's a privilege, not a fashion blunder. You can only use mascara or lipstick, and experiment with natural make-up. Strict rules about cosmetics do not exist anymore, you just need to strive for an aesthetic result.

10-It is forbidden to buy things, the color of which does not go 

It is forbidden to buy things, the color of which does not go

If some shades do not fit the color of your skin, just do not wear them from the face. Bags, shoes, trousers, skirts of any shade fit to any appearance. Pay attention also, that there is a sub-base - you can pick up a pallet of any color to your face.

11- You can not wear silver and gold at the same time 

You can not wear silver and gold at the same time

The stereotype, which said that white metals and yellow are not combined, has remained in the past. He was invented in those days when gold was considered a symbol of wealth and high status. Modern jewelers and designers mix different metals. The combination is usually very interesting and expressive.

12- In one image there should not be more than three colors 

In one image there should not be more than three colors

This rule is appropriate only if you are invited to tea by the queen or when the office has a strict dress code. In other cases, nothing should limit the number of colors to your image. The main thing is that they combine with each other and the result is aesthetic. If you have bright accessories, this does not mean that the shades of attire should match them. Just pay attention to the overall look.

13-Do not wear earrings with a necklace 

Do not wear earrings with a necklace

Multilayer jewelry and a combination of chains with earrings are now considered very stylish. When you choose accessories, pay attention not to the quantity, but to the overall look of the combination. For example, large shining earrings with the same necklace will look strange on a walk in the park, but delicate earrings, pendant and bracelet are quite suitable. Focus on the situation and other details of your image.

14-Sports things are only suitable for sports 

Sports things are only suitable for sports

Once, wearing sports things outside the gym was appropriate only for children and provincials. Nevertheless, a healthy lifestyle has become very popular, and therefore sports style has become an important part of the everyday wardrobe. No one is surprised by the combination of skirts and sneakers, fashion has become democratic and convenient. Nevertheless, it is necessary to assess how sporty the image can be. Clothes should be comfortable, but not negligent - leggings with sneakers all the same should be worn only for training.

Different patterns and patterns do not match 

Using different prints in one image is not easy, for this you need talent and a sense of style, however with a successful result you will look incredibly stylish and beautiful. Therefore, the rule prohibiting the combination of different drawings, is already considered obsolete. If you are sure that you will succeed, you can quite experiment. In addition, even celebrities are making mistakes. 



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