Why is this girl behaving like a child?

Do you consider babies attractive? Along with people who are not enthusiastic about children, there is a whole army of real lovers of kids who do their best to protect their rights. They take care of children and adore the way babies look, play, eat. Crumbs can not protect themselves from abusers, so they often become their victims. In the worst cases, it is sexual violence.

Why is this girl behaving like a child?

Why is she doing this? 

From this article you will learn about the very interesting girl Tori from Oregon. She was deprived of a real happy childhood, as she was sexually abused as a little girl. Tori underwent therapy to cope with this trauma, but nothing helped. It was so hard until she began to act like a child. Dressed in all these diapers and sliders, with a pacifier in her mouth, the girl says that she manages to regain her carefree childhood. Are you wondering if she uses her diapers as intended? Tori says that he visits the bathroom only to change the diaper.

Why is this girl behaving like a child?

What do people think? 

But the community in Instagram (and thousands of its subscribers as well) views its behavior as a certain form of perversion, like some kind of fetish. Nevertheless, Tori does not care much about this, since she does not have a pope who would punish her and read fairy tales for the night (as happens in role-playing games). Instead, she has a nanny. A woman approaches her to play with her, feed him and even punish him for his bad behavior. The adult girl says that she basically behaves like a 3 year old child, but she can sometimes behave like a one-year-old baby and as a girl who is ten years old. She lives with her mother, who does not see anything wrong with such a game of her daughter. The woman says that she will do everything to help her child. And since this is the only activity that helps her overcome depression and anxiety, so be it.

Why is this girl behaving like a child?

Friends of Tori do not see anything wrong with what she does at home after work. They say that this is her choice. And since the girl does not involve them in her games, she is free to do whatever she wants, behind the closed door. They all believe that Tory is a strong enough person and will soon be able to live a normal life. And friends are always there to support his girlfriend. At the moment, Tori does not have a boyfriend. But when she was in a relationship, she often asked the guy if she could wear this or that outfit and behave like a child. The partner was not always satisfied with this course of events. Most likely, it is not always pleasant to see how an adult behaves like a child.


She is not one of those girls who only think about their money in Instagram, trying to catch a big jackpot. Tori works at a fast food restaurant and plans to go to college. She also tries to earn cash using her account in Instagram, exhibiting goods and things for sale. 



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