Samsung will announce the Galaxy Note 9 in August

The news agency says that Samsung has already set aside the day and it will be on August 9 when it presents the news of this cell phone, focusing on the subject of photography.

Samsung will announce the Galaxy Note 9 in August

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be presented in August, according to Bloomberg .

The news agency says it will be August 9 the day Samsung announces this phone, advancing in almost a month to the launch of Apple 's iPhone X Plus and two other phones that are predicted for September.

Bloomberg says the Note 9, informal name of the cell phone, will have a design very similar to the Galaxy Note 8 that debuted in the same month last year. Among the novelties will be a new Qualcomm processor, possibly the Snapdragon 845, and changes in the camera.

Bloomberg does not give more details about the phone and the changes it will have, but says that the "Unpacked" event will focus on the news of photography.

Several reports related to Note 9 suggest that Samsung tried to integrate a fingerprint reader on the cell phone screen, but not getting it in time, will choose to delay this technology for the Galaxy S10 , a cell phone that will be announced in 2019 and that will serve to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Galaxy S. In contrast and in addition to these improvements reported by Bloomberg, the Note 9 will have a new version of Bixby with new features and smarter.

Samsung does not give statements about unannounced products or upcoming events. If Bloomberg is right, we'll see you in three months in New York to find out about this Samsung phone that will compete with up to three new Apple phones.



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