Obama was the US president who deported and separated families and nobody said anything

Obama was the president of the USA who deported and separated families and nobody said anything

Now public opinion is outraged by the deportations and prisons for children of Donald Trump; but it is forgotten that these cruelties reached unprecedented numbers with Barack Obama

2.8 million individuals. A huge figure. Obama left the presidency as the president of the United States who deported the most undocumented; and, consequently, separated families. Almost as much as the combined sum of all his predecessors in the twentieth century.

Obama was the US president who deported and separated families and nobody said anything

Above the Bush, Reagan or Clinton. At the time it was known, but there was no major scandal. And apparently it is always important to remember it.

The media Univision Noticias conducted a detailed review of the numbers of deportations registered in the last 30 years in the United States. Of the periods studied, Obama was the one that most expelled individuals.

"According to data published by the Department of National Security (NHS, for its acronym in English), between fiscal years 2009 and 2015, the number of deportees was 2,671,860. And, during the first ten months of fiscal year 2016 (as of July 30), the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office (ICE) accounted for 196,497, " according to UnivisiĆ³n , in a note published six months before Obama left office. presidency.

Obama was the US president who deported and separated families and nobody said anything

On the other hand, your government should also remember the infamous family detention centers: "[These centers] that the Obama administration has been operating in Texas and Pennsylvania, have been a convenient way to handle the growing number of Central Americans, many of them they are young children, who have come to the southern border since 2014, "reads a New York Times editorial on this family detention center , which lawyer and immigrant activist Andrew Free calls" baby jails. "

On these detention centers, the New York Times continued in its July 2016 editorial: "If the Obama administration took its principles seriously, it would close family prisons and abandon its emphasis on border repression in favor of greater efforts to allow Central Americans contact lawyers and provide family and community alternatives to detention. Too much money and effort has been spent to dissuade and stop them, to accelerate them through the court, to persecute those who were later found to be deported. "

While in practice the undocumented were persecuted and fierce measures were applied, Barack Obama maintained a completely opposite rhetoric. DACA - or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals - and other proposals to open the path to citizenship in the country never materialized.

"I would dare to say that he was the president who offered the most and who gave the least promises," an American citizen told  PanAm Post .

Now several media have reported the tragedy at the borders, but they blame President Donald Trump. The terrible "baby jails" still exist, right. Deportations are also continuing and, as a result, the separation of families.

"The children of migrants and refugees who cross the southern border of the United States illegally are being separated from their families while their parents face legal process. While waiting for their parents to be released, the children enter inhospitable detention centers, furnished with metal cages and concrete floors. The audio recordings published by a charity reveal the anguish that many children experience in the centers, despite the National Security Department's insistence that children receive a good treatment, "the Guardian reads .

And it's the new favorite theme of the media. The new scandal of the Trump administration. To the extent that Melania Trump, the president's wife, said she "hates to see children are separated from their relatives." However, he also made it clear: "We have to be a country that follows the laws."

The New York Times , The Washington Post , The Guardian , MSNBC , CNN and all the "liberal" major media of the United States and the world have dedicated their spaces to highlight the alleged immoralities and atrocities of the Republican administration against immigrants. They criticize the man who announced his candidacy proposing a tough hand against undocumented immigrants. That, in that sense, has not yielded to cynicism.

Certainly, what happens on the southern border of the United States is disheartening. The majority of the undocumented are individuals who aspire to obtain the freedom offered by a country that still allows the immigrant to prosper. They flee violence, misery and authoritarianism in their nations.

But the problem is that moral relativism in which, if Trump deportates, separates families or fulfills his electoral promises, he is a perfidious person who deserves that all the media dedicate ink to strengthen that matrix; on the other hand, if Obama does it, the good-natured one of the great intentions, and in a more ruthless way, are simple vices of his administration that can be neglected.

The comparison is timely and serves to warn the bias of public opinion. The truth is that Trump meets his electorate, while the cool Democrat did not. He deported more and shared more responsibility for the existence of cruel detention centers for children .



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