Instagram removes one of its most secure features

If you are one of those who slept peacefully knowing that nobody stole your Instagram Stories, attentive, because this is about to change, according to several reports.

A few months ago, Instagram surprised users by noting screenshots that were made to Instagram Stories. This was another feature copied from Snapchat. Well, if you were one of those who gave you peace of mind knowing that the social network was acting as police, we have bad news: the app will stop sending this type of notifications.

Instagram removes one of its most secure features

A 9to5Mac report with BuzzFeed data ensures that the capture notifications feature of your Instagram Stories will be completely eliminated. This function was several months of trial and was never officially launched by the social network, nor did it reach all users of the platform.

Instagram told BuzzFeed that "officially" they had finished those tests. The platform does not rule out incorporating a new technology that will prevent your Stories from blowing up, although at the moment, your photos and videos will be left to drift that anyone can take them without you knowing.

Of course, if your biggest concern is that the images and videos that you send via direct Instagram messages can also be stolen through screenshots, do not worry. This function will remain active in private messages. Can you continue sending any type of content?

As usual, Instagram keeps launching news practically every week. This month he has announced the possibility of sharing stories in which you have been mentioned. Next June 20, the social network will hold a special event, something you are not used to. Here we tell you what we can expect from this meeting of the social network.



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