YouTube Music is born, rival of Spotifty and Red becomes Premium

YouTube Music is born, rival of Spotifty and Red becomes Premium

YouTube Red is now YouTube Premium and costs US $ 2 more per month, and Google Play Music will finally disappear.

YouTube is mixing its subscription services to better compete with Spotify. For this the company has released YouTube Music , which will be priced at $ 10 a month and most will come without videos, while YouTube Red becomes YouTube Premium.

A chart of the prices and features included in YouTube Music and YouTube Premium

Google Play Music , the music transmission service of the same parent company, will disappear with time. Your users will progressively adopt YouTube Music. The company has promised to close the gaps between both services in the coming months so that members of Google Play Music do not lose the functions to which they have become accustomed, and that include a space to store their MP3s in the cloud.

The now called YouTube Premium will be priced at US $ 12, which means that the name change also increases its cost by US $ 2. Now, in addition to allowing you to watch videos without advertising, you can also broadcast original shows.

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YouTube is the largest video site on the Internet, with more than 1,800 million accounts connected every month. Much of that "visualization" is actually listening to music, since music videos are consistently ranked among the most popular videos on YouTube, making it one of the largest individual sources of music heard around the world. In theory, that gives YouTube a unique position to recruit people to increase the level of paid subscribers.

"In general, YouTube is where most of the music is consumed - if there was ever a company that could create a successful subscription business, it would be YouTube," Lyor Cohen, YouTube's music director, said in an interview this week.

In 2014, YouTube Music Key debuted , a subscription service that never expanded beyond a small number of invited users. In 2015, it renewed the concept to launch the original YouTube Music, a month after the company introduced Red, its subscription service of US $ 10 a month that eliminates ads, unlocks original programs and offers members other mobile advantages.

YouTube has never revealed how many people subscribe to YouTube Music (or YouTube Red, for that matter), but its subscription music service has existed largely in the shadow of Spotify, the largest music streaming service with 75 million. of paying members, and Apple Music , its closest competitor with 40 million paid subscribers.

Next Tuesday, YouTube will try again, launching its reinvented application YouTube Music in the US. UU., South Korea, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand, followed by 14 other countries in the coming weeks.

In an anti-intuition movement, the music application of the world's largest video service will largely lack video. On the application's home screen, you scroll through shelves and shelves recommending music and playlists: individualized selections of new releases, a personalized My Mixtape playlist, collections similar to those of an artist you've heard a lot lately, a selection called Throwback Jams - before coming to recommended music videos and professional clips of live performances.

What YouTube Music will have in its favor, is the possibility of knowing your YouTube history, a link that will allow you to offer "deeply personalized" content, said T. Jay Fowler, YouTube's product manager. "It's a bit of art and not science, because you could be using YouTube to investigate something, and we really want to show you the things you want," he said.

YouTube Music will not have exclusive discs like Apple Music, although the company does expect to offer concerts and material for the artists.



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