Woman killed her husband one month after marriage

A brutal murder in Russian Yekaterinburg. The 43-year-old wife during an argument attacked with the knife her 23-year-old husband. The couple got married less than a month ago.

Woman killed her husband one month after marriage

43-year-old Tatiana got married to 23-year-old Sergey on April 19. The man's mother opposed the marriage, saying that her son chose a woman who is 20 years older than him . He did not listen to me - says LudmiƂa, the man's mother in an interview with ura.ru.

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One day the couple had a big fight. The woman pulled out a knife and attacked the 23-year-old. The man did not survive. I do not know what happened between them, but I know his wedding ring was found in his pocket. He took it off  and had to argue - says the man's mother.

Lyudmila also emphasizes that her son was very well liked and everyone spoke about him in superlatives. He passionately played football, graduated from sports school and became a coach for children.



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