What is the best diet plan for weight loss

No single diet plan will work for everyone. Each person must find the diet plan that best fits his or her individual needs. Teh best way to do this is to consult your doctor. He or she will analyze your needs and then prescribe a good diet plan for you.

What is the best diet plan for weight loss

 However if you decide to look elsewhere  for a diet plan, you should know what to look for.
Make sure that the plan you choose takes into account your body nutritional needs. Starvational diet or miracle weight reducing plans do not do this. Nor do they encourage proper eating habits. People on those kinds of diet commonly lose a lot of weight at first but then gain it all back withing a few weeks of going off the plan.

A good weigth reducing plan offers sound information not only on losing weigth bu also on maintaining a variety of nutritious food in your meals.


Following a diet faithfully is not an easy thing to do. Her are some ideas to help you survive the difficult moments:

1- Think of your diet as an exciting challenge.
Be determined to win out old eating habits and to create a NEW YOU, someone who is stronger, more attractive and physically fit.

2- Set goals for yourself.
Determine how much weigth you are going to lose, and then work towards achieving that goal. Do not become discouraged by stebacks. If you are forced to go off your diet temorarily, get back on it as soon as possible. Remenber that people who never give up usually achieve what the set out to do.

3- Form a mental picture of  how you will look when you reach your ideal weigth. This image will prevent you from breaking your deit when temptation occur.

4- Become involve with projects, hobbies, or sport activities so that you will be too busy to think about food. This is especially important for days when you  have a lot of leisure time. It is during these times, especially weekends that eating becomes a real temptation.
To avoid this, many successful deiters have involved themselves with such hobbies as painting, sculpting, weaving, knitting, furnituring repair, or carpentary.

5- Know what upset you.
This is very important because eating is often an escape for people who are upset or nervous. If you have a tendency to eat too much at these times, try to determine what things upste you. You can either avoid them or try to resolve them. If your mental and emotional state is causing a chronic eating problem, you shoold consider talking to a doctor or a psychological counselor.


1- Drink a few glasses of water about half an hour before eating, you will then eat less food at mealtime.

2- Take only small servings of food when you eat, and do not eat quickly.

3- If  you get the urge to have a snack before bed, do some exercises and then brush your teeth.

These things have proved helpful in cubing the desire to eat.



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