Trump wants to double what Amazon pays to US mail

The general director of the mail resisted the repeated requests of the president insisting that such action would require the approval of a regulatory commission, according to the Washington Post.

Trump wants to double what Amazon pays to US mail

Donald Trump wanted to force the director of the US Postal Service, Megan Brennan, to double how much the postal service charged Amazon , and also other companies, to deliver their packages,  according to The Washington Post .

Brennan has allegedly resisted taking this action, insisting that the arrangements are fixed in agreements and these need to be reviewed by a regulatory commission. In addition, she allegedly told Trump that the relationship of the postal service with Amazon has been beneficial for the mail and showed him slides with other companies, in addition to Amazon, who collaborate for deliveries.

Trump has frequently criticized Amazon , calling the use of the postal service company a "fraud" and attacking the company's lobbying. Last week Trump ordered an evaluation of the mail's finances, after weeks of accusing Amazon of not paying its fair share of the shipping costs.

Amazon has said that in 2017 it paid US $ 21,700 million in shipping costs, which include the classification, transport and delivery of packages. Analysts estimate that 40 percent of Amazon packages are delivered by the postal service, according to the Washington Post . However, it is not known exactly how much Amazon pays to the postal service every year.



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