Trump uses two iPhones and does not follow security protocols

President Donald Trump uses not one, but two "designed in California" phones, an emblem that for several years Apple has inscribed on the back of their iPhone phones . The problem is not that he uses the telephones of one of the companies that he attacked most during his electoral campaign , but that the executive does not follow the security protocols established by the White House.

Trump uses two iPhones and does not follow security protocols

A report from Politico assures that the executive has an iPhone only with the Twitter application and some pre-loaded news websites, and another just to make and receive calls. Both devices have been given to the president by the Office of Information Technology and Telecommunications of the White House.

The problem is that Trump apparently does not stick to the strict security measures that their phones must pass. According to the source, the president's assistants would have been insisting for more than five months to change his phone to use to see Twitter and the news, although the executive always has the same answer: "it is too inconvenient."

It is unknown exactly what is the security protocol maintained by the White House over the phones of President Trump, although Barack Obama passed inspections every 30 days, Politico speculates that Trump did not want to submit to the same regularity, which would bring disadvantages, especially for the telephone of calls, that unlike the one that used his predecessor, has camera and GPS, something that can be used by hackers and put in check the security of the president.

The addition of the president to Twitter and his reluctance to pass security protocols, is far from his criticism of Hillary Clinton in 2016, when he assured that the email servers of the candidate to the White House were easy to hack and did not have the Necessary security protocols, action with which he reproached him had endangered the entire country, according to Politico.

When Barack Obama came to the White House, he asked his technicians to find a way to keep his BlackBerry , and even a way to have a phone where he could get out of the White House bubble and his strict security protocols. . However, the executive obtained a phone without a camera, without the ability to send text messages or GPS, with which he basically could not do everything he wanted, according to a 2016 interview with Jimmy Fallon. 



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