The Galaxy S10 mobile phone to debut in January 2019

According to the Asian media The Bell, Samsung has ordered the cell phone units for November and so go assembling the cell phone that has also been known as Galaxy X and Valley.

The Galaxy S10 mobile phone to debut in January 2019

 Samsung's flexible screen phone would make its debut next year

Samsung is preparing to launch the Galaxy S10 for January next year, according to The Bell .

The Asian media, usually reliable in its reports, says that Samsung has already asked the component manufacturers to deliver the units as of November, as the South Korean company wants to be ready for the presentation of the cell phone as soon as 2019 starts.

The report suggests that Samsung is analyzing the idea of ​​launching the cell phone at CES, the most important technology event in the world held annually in Las Vegas. The other option is to launch the cell phone at the MWC, an event also held annually in February. The Samsung Galaxy S9 was announced in this event of the current year.

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The Bell says that the Galaxy S10 cell phone - also known as Galaxy X or under the code name Valley - will have three screens. Each of the screens will be 3.5 inches, two located in front and one in the back that will serve to users to see the notifications when the phone is folded. If the report is accurate, the Galaxy S10 will have a 7-inch screen.

Like Apple did with the iPhone X , a cell phone that celebrated the tenth anniversary of Apple's cell phone, Samsung will launch the Galaxy S10 as a celebration of the same milestone but achieved by its Galaxy S line, the most successful of the company. Samsung, also like Apple that drastically changed the design of its phone for the anniversary, would launch the expected folding phone in the same way.

Samsung already confirmed the existence of a folding phone , but the company has not given details on the exact date of its release.



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