The Boring Company to build houses on Mars: SpaceX executive

The executive president of the space company says that the projects of the Elon Musk empire share many resources with each other.

The Boring Company to build houses on Mars: SpaceX executive

It is good to have several companies that can share resources with each other - especially when you have a leader like Elon Musk with goals as bold as colonizing Mars.

The Boring Company, the Musk company that digs tunnels, could one day create the residences of what would be a Martian colony, according to SpaceX president and CEO of operations, Gwynne Shotwell.

"I think The Boring Company could be the way we will shelter people on Mars, we'll have to dig tunnels for people," Shotwell told  CNBC .

This makes sense since one of the key challenges of living on Mars will be the intense levels of radiation that the planet receives from space due to its lack of strong magnetic fields, which is what protects us from destructive particles on Earth.

To avoid exposure to lethal amounts of radiation, future Mars colonizers will have to be protected by a protective layer and several feet of Martian rock.

The Boring Company has already been busy digging tunnels under Los Angeles to create a new method of underground transportation at high speeds.

Shotwell added that much is shared within the Musk empire: SpaceX borrows Tesla's battery technology and SpaceX's planned Internet service could help connect the Tesla cars on the streets. 
The executive also said that Mars is not the limit. It is, in fact, a first step to enter a new universe of alien concepts and science fiction.
"It's like what you see on TV shows: Firefly , Battlestar Galactica , Star Wars, I want to meet other people, or whatever they are called in. I think that should be the ultimate goal," he said. 



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