Six believed to be buried alive in Migori Mine in Kenya

Six believed to be buried alive in Migori Mine in Kenya

At least six people are feared dead in a gold mine in Migori County after a tunnel collapsed.

The victims were buried alive in Macalder Mines in Nyatike sub-county, located 40 kilometres from Migori Town.

It is suspected that heavy rains which have pounded the region for several days eventually forced the walls of the cave to give way. Several people working deep inside the tunnels of the mine were suddenly entrapped.

Police from Nyatike, who rushed to the scene, were unable to evacuate the victims due to lack of relevant equipment.

The miners usually descend more than 100 feet below the surface to look for gold. Mines in Nyatike have claimed many lives every year but that does not deter the residents from looking for gold.

But some gold miners in the region have quit the trade due to the increasing number of deaths in the tunnels.

The miners are worried by the tragedies that usually occur in the mines in Nyatike and hope that the Kenyan government will regulate the mining practices in the region and introduce safer practices.



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