Razer Blade 2018: The new videogame laptop is sharper than ever

This computer has a larger screen, better graphics and very thin bevels.

Razer Blade 2018: The new videogame laptop is sharper than ever

The thin and powerful Razer Blade video game notebook undergoes the biggest redesign to date.

We have always liked the 14-inch Blade for its subtle design, backlit keyboard of varied colors and general skills for gaming. But the screen had thick edges which made it look somewhat dated, and the GPU had an Nvidia  GTX 1060 card  that is good for gaming , but it is not first class.

For the new version of Razer's flagship notebook, the 14-inch screen on the Blade increases to 15 inches without increasing body size. In fact, Razer says that this is "the smallest 15.6-inch gaming laptop in the world."

The biggest difference I notice are the thinner bevels that surround the screen, which gives the Blade a more modern look. If you compare the old and new models side by side, you will also notice that the rounded corners are now more angular.

The screen comes in versions 60Hz 4K or 144Hz 1,920x1,080 and the body is made of a single piece of aluminum, like a MacBook, and integrates a touchpad larger than in previous models.

The components have also been updated. The processor is a Core i7-8750H of eighth generation and you can choose between Nvidia 1060 or 1070. It has a steam chamber for cooling.

It has a backlit keyboard that you can customize. Like other products powered by Chroma, individual keyboard lights can reproduce 16.8 million colors, and patterns and designs can be programmed through the Razer Synapse app.

There is also the Razer Chroma Laptop Stand, a laptop rack that lights up with all kinds of colors.

If you have a laptop that does not have its own GPU, Razer has a new and cheaper version of its external graphics Core housing. The new Razer Core X is basically a large box with a slot for your graphics card and a 650-watt power source. You can connect it to your laptop through a Thunderbolt 3 and you already have a video game system. It costs US $ 299, in addition to the cost of the graphics card.

The new 15-inch Razer Blade is now available with a starting price of $ 1,899.



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