Prisoner tortured wildly in France by his cellmates for visiting a gay website

Prisoner tortured wildly in France

A dreadful event has taken place in a French detention center. A young man has been brutally tortured for an entire night by his three cellmates , after they discovered that he had visited a gay content website via mobile phone. He was suffocated, brutally beaten, a tympanum was punctured, his head and eyebrows were shaved, he was forced to ingest excrement ... The next morning, the young man was admitted to the infirmary where he reported to the prison guards what happened. They proceeded to arrest the three cellmates, who face charges of torture and barbarism.

The detention center in the French city of Troyes is sadly known for its precarious conditions and the overcrowding of prisoners. But the events that occurred last Saturday, April 28, have shocked the public.

A young prisoner of 24 years, of Guyanese origin, who was serving a sentence for small smuggling of cocaine, shared a cell with three other prisoners, two of them aged 19 and the remaining 27. Apparently, the young Guyana borrowed the mobile phone of one of them and surfed the network for a few moments. Subsequently, the owner of the phone discovered that he had visited a gay content website and told his other two companions.

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The three proceeded to tie the young man to a chair and began what would be a long torture session that lasted from Saturday afternoon until early Sunday morning. They simulated that they were going to kill him by suffocating him, beat him savagely, put a pen in his ear and punctured his eardrum, shaved his head and eyebrows, forced him to eat excrement, humiliated him, forced him to play the role of maid ... Also, they recorded with one of the mobile phones the tortures and humiliations to then spread the video over the network.

Once dawn, the young Guyanese was attended by the guards, who led him to the infirmary, where he was hospitalized for 9 days. There he related what happened, so they proceeded to the arrest of the three cellmates , who respond to the names of Camel, Imed and Ayoub. The three face charges of torture and acts of barbarism, and have been interned in three different prisons.

The deputy of Guyanese origin Gabriel Serville , from the Group of the Democratic and Republican Left, has strongly condemned the homophobic aggression and has reiterated the need to increase awareness campaigns against homophobia, especially among young people, as well as to strengthen legislation for combat all forms of discrimination.



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