Nintendo could be redesigning the Joy-Con for the Switch

Nintendo could be redesigning the Joy-Con for the Switch

A form filed with the FCC shows a reassembled device that would incorporate more connectivity.

Nintendo seems to be working on a new version of its Joy-Con controls, in which it would address some wireless connectivity problems that they would be having with the Switch .

Since the switch was launched a year ago, Nintendo has attempted to solve a problem known as "desynchronization" through a variety of software solutions that have arrived through firmware update. Nintendo isolated the problem as a hardware failure, and recommended users not to operate the console near aquariums, microwaves and other wireless devices.

From Nintendo's filing with the FCC.


Now it seems that Nintendo will try to try to solve the connectivity failure by launching a new version of Joy-Con, according to a form introduced last week in the Federal Communications Commission.

This document includes photographs of a device and internal plates similar to those of the current Joy-Con.

The Japanese company said in its latest quarterly report that it expects to sell at least 20 million switches this year around the world . To this we must add the innovative Nintendo Labo concept that is already available in stores.



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