Newborn Indian Baby dies after fake doctor cuts off its genitals

Newborn Indian Baby dies after fake doctor cuts off its genitals

When a newborn in India turned out to be a boy – rather than a girl, as the doctor had previously predicted – the doctor removed the baby's genitals, ultimately leading to the child's death.

Owner of a clinic in Jharkhand state, Anuj Kumar had examined the mother-to-be hours before her birth, telling her she would have a baby girl, after staging a sham ultrasound, according to Indian media.

According to the baby’s father Anil Panda, his wife was eight months pregnant and was rushed to a clinic, run by Arun Kumar, under Itkhori police station following labor pain. After a check-up, Arun Kumar referred the couple to another private hospital run by Anuj Kumar, where she was admitted.

When the baby was born, Anuj Kumar cut off his genitals and informed the mother that she had given birth to a girl with deformities.

Panda said that when he reached the clinic, the found that the healthy baby boy had died of profuse bleeding.

After the parents filed a complaint with the local police, the authorities found that Kumar had already fled the area, reported the Indian Express.

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Police spokesman, Ashok Ram, said that the family challenged the doctor and his staff all night and lodged a formal complaint the next morning.

“We have sent the body to Chatra Sadar Hospital for post-mortem. And the team visited the clinic after receiving the complaint, but found it closed.”

“The doctor accused in the case did not have any registration and license under the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PNDT) Act, said Chatra Civil Surgeon Dr S P Singh. “We have got the postmortem done. The allegations against the doctor that he had the genitals severed are true.”

Local authorities have served notices to shut down the private clinics run by Arun Kumar and Anuj Kumar.

Newborn Indian Baby dies after fake doctor cuts off its genitals

The child's mother had several check-ups at the clinic for months, which had been operating and conducting illegal prenatal sex tests for months, according to the Straits Times. The tests are banned in India as a part of efforts to stop unborn girls being aborted by couples desperate for a boy.

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