Chinese cinema beats the US for the first time in history

Chinese cinema beats the US for the first time in history

Eight years ago, China overtook the United States as the world's leading car sales market. And now, in 2018, it has also overtaken the United States as the country in the world where theaters are the most. This should not sound strange, on the contrary, considering that China quadruples in population to the United States. But it does confirm, in any case, the Asian consumer's growing desire for consumption.

Beijing, in addition, has managed to beat the United States with its own productions. Operation Red Sea , Detective China Town and Monster Hunt , all Chinese, take the podium of the most viewed films in 2018. Monster Hunt , an animated production, also recorded the best Chinese box office premiere ahead of the record that, until this year, The American Fast & Furious 8 was on display .

China currently has 53 thousand cinema screens distributed throughout its geography. And consumers under thirty, on the other hand, represent 55% of the total. "This demographic composition what is progressing is an exponential growth of the public, as more and more young people end up adding," says Zhao Xiaonan, co-founder of Filmath, to DIRIGENTES.

And how are these Chinese films that triumph so much among the young audience? In the first place, it is convenient to remember that China limits to certain quotas the importation of foreign productions, mainly Americans, to protect its national industry. But Operation Red Sea , the highest grossing this year, also introduces elements of the best American war cinema. Co-produced with support from the Chinese army itself, Operation Red Sea recreates the military evacuation of Chinese trapped in Yemen during the civil conflict that occurred there three years ago.

On the one hand, this film shows a China increasingly involved in international missions, such as the fight against global terrorism. And at the end of the film, when the Chinese marines return home, the last scene shows a Chinese aircraft carrier patrolling the South Sea, a waters that China is currently competing with its Asian neighbors, all backed by the US.

Chinese cinema, like the great American blockbusters, is also used to introduce a patriotic discourse. Although comedies like Detective China Town , shot in New York, or Monster Hunt , an animation that mixes fantastic animated characters with real actors, leave aside any kind of political message. "The Chinese, in the end, what he wants is to go to the movies to have fun," says Zhao. According to almost all forecasts, it is quite likely that China will overtake the United States as the world's first film consumption market in 2018.



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