Apple works with Volkswagen in autonomous cars

The rumors about the possibility that Apple began in the car business has subsisted over the years. In 2014 the first data was known and since then much has happened in Cupertino, although the bad news is what has reigned in the attempts to develop an Apple Car.

Apple works with Volkswagen in autonomous cars

Well, a new report by The New York Times sheds some light on Apple's interests in an autonomous car. The newspaper assures that the company of Cupertino has closed an agreement with Volkswagen for the design of a van type "van" autonomous that will serve for the transfer of its employees within its facilities.

The aim is to transform the T6 Trasnporter into an autonomous vehicle. The report indicates that it is most likely that the product's engineers are incorporating into this vehicle the driving technology developed by the company's laboratories.

When it was known about the Project Titan , with which Apple would launch its own vehicle on the roads of the world, engineers from companies such as Tesla were hired by the company. According to the source, at its best this team had up to 1,000 people working on the project that suffered so many missteps that it was falling apart along the way.

First Apple tried to develop its own vehicles tried by big manufacturers like BMW or Mercedes Benz to manufacture it. However, the company encountered the problem that pursues him in this and other negotiations: his need to seize the product, to be the brand for the client, would have made those companies say "no", according to the Times.

Apple tried it with several manufacturers without coming to fruition, and after the project was reduced - the company even valued manufacturing its own parts in the United States to avoid relying on third parties - the project team was reduced to engineers who they developed an autonomous driving system, which the company has been testing so far.

The source does not know if Volkswagen could be the partner that Apple needed to be able to sell its vehicles with its own brand. The German company is not at its best, after the scandal of manipulation of carbon dioxide levels, which not only drove its actions or its prestige, but it confronts it in the courts to demands all over the world.

At the moment only this project of autonomous vehicles for the Apple campuses is known but ... could Volkswagen be the manufacturer that makes the dreams of Cupertino a reality?



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