Apple seeks a new method to melt aluminum

The Cupertino company has partnered with two aluminum companies to develop a technology that eliminates gas emissions, which could revolutionize the manufacturing process worldwide.

Apple seeks a new method to melt aluminum

Apple today announced a partnership with the largest aluminum companies, Alcoa Corporation and Rio Tinto Aluminum , to develop a revolutionary technology that eliminates greenhouse gas emissions in the traditional smelting process of this essential material in many of its products. .

To boost this research and development, the Governments of Canada and Quebec, as well as the association, will jointly invest 144 million dollars in a combined fund. The announcement made this Thursday in Saguenay, Quebec, was attended by the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Quebec, Phillipe Couillard, and the senior director of Apple Sarah Chandler.

The process for melting aluminum has been the same for more than 130 years, Apple said in a press release posted on its website this Thursday, May 10, adding:

This is a revolutionary breakthrough in the manufacture of one of the most used metals in the world.

In 2015, three of its engineers discovered that Alcoa had designed a new method that replaces coal "with an advanced conductive material and that, instead of carbon dioxide, releases oxygen ". They then looked to Rio Tinto Aluminum for their experience in the development of smelting technology , international sales and marketing. Thus, the joint project of both aluminum companies called Elysis was born .

While Alcoa and Rio Tinto are working on the development of this technology with the aim of taking it to a large-scale production and commercialization, which they expect to start selling in 2024 , Apple provides technical support. "The patent-pending technology is already in use at the Alcoa Technical Center, just outside of Pittsburgh, and this project will invest more than $ 30 million in the United States," the statement said.

The project is part of the efforts made by the Cupertino company to fulfill its commitment to reduce the environmental impact of its products through innovation. "Apple is committed to promoting technologies that are good for the planet and that help protect it for future generations," said Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, adding:

We are proud to be part of this ambitious project and we hope that one day we can use an aluminum produced without greenhouse gas emissions in the manufacture of our products.
A month ago, the Cupertino company announced that all of its stores, offices, data centers and shared facilities in 43 countries are powered by clean energy and that 23 of its suppliers will do the same.

As part of its goal for all its products to be manufactured from recycled or renewable materials, last April also introduced Daisy . This new robot disarms iPhones in the most efficient way possible, recover the parts to be recycled or reused and contribute to the environment.

Other technology companies such as Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft have also joined the fight against climate change. Recently, Google announced that it buys as much renewable energy as the electricity it consumes in its 13 data centers and all of its office complexes. For its part, Amazon and Facebook have set the long-term goal of 100% renewable energy.



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