Apple plans a new 'campus' in North Carolina

The company would be in talks with legislators to obtain a package of incentives for the start-up of the project.

Apple plans a new 'campus' in North Carolina

Apple is planning a new campus in the United States, we already knew this because the company announced it in January . What we did not know until now is the place where the company will set up a new headquarters: North Carolina.

The investment could reach US $ 2,000 million and jobs would have average salaries of US $ 130,000 per year according to The website says that Governor Roy Cooper and Apple CEO Tim Cook have held some meetings to advance the project.

Apple plans a new 'campus' in North Carolina

Apple would be asking the state for a package of tax exemptions in order to place its new headquarters in North Carolina. The idea of ​​the company is to keep a large part of the taxes that it would have to pay annually, although part of them would be reinvested in local plans to boost rural development. sources say that in the first stage there would be 3,000 new jobs, although the long-term plan is for up to 10,000 employees in the new headquarters. The first set of offices for about 1,000 employees would be located in Cary, a town in Wake and Chatham County.

Apple announced in January an investment plan of US $ 30,000 million in capital expenditures, which will make the total impact of Apple in the US economy in the next five years is US $ 350,000 million.

The company has an action plan to create new jobs in the United States, but also to expand its collaboration with more than 9,000 component manufacturers and suppliers and app developers. 



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