Amazon banned users who make many returns

According to 'The Wall Street Journal', some users have been closed the account without warning or explanation.

Amazon vetoes users who make many returns

Amazon's flexible return rule may not be as flexible.

The company prohibits the use of the platform by users who commit infractions, such as making too many returns, according to the Wall Street Journal . Some users are not notified of their violation.

Amazon has a free and easy return policy for some items, a tactic that has pushed physical stores to do the same to compete with the digital commerce giant. But it seems that the return policy of Amazon has a price.

Dozens of people have written on Twitter and Facebook to complain that Amazon has closed the account without warning or explanation, according to the Journal .

Paul Fidalgo said he was "exiled" from Amazon because of "excessive returns." Other people have said that they have been banned from the site for similar reasons.

A user tweeted a screenshot of the email Amazon sent asking him why he returned his orders.

Amazon vetoes users who make many returns

Buyers have complained about having been banned from Amazon for years. One client told The Guardian newspaper in 2016 that he was expelled from Amazon after returning 37 of the 343 purchases he had made. And last month, some members of Amazon Prime said on social networks that their Amazon accounts had closed without any explanation; Some threatened to initiate a lawsuit against the company.

Amazon's return policy does not tell customers that making too many returns would result in the closure of their accounts, but their terms of use say that the company reserves the right to close accounts at its discretion.

"We want everyone to be able to use Amazon, but there are rare occasions when someone abuses our service for a long period of time," said an Amazon representative. "We never make these decisions lightly, and with more than 300 million customers around the world, we take action when appropriate to protect the experience of all our users." If a client believes we have made a mistake, we encourage them to Contact directly so we can review your account and take the appropriate course. "



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