When will robots replace people? Faster than you think

Already in 2024, there will be no need for translators, and in 45 years, robots will perform all the tasks that people perform today - according to a report by universities in Oxford and Yale. Such rapid progress means that the fight for the position of Poland in robotic reality should start now - experts say Personnel Service. And indicate which countries will be in a privileged position.

When will robots replace people? Faster than you think

In just ten years our children will function in a completely different reality than the one we know. And that means that we must take care of their future now. The race with time begins for the place of our country in the world, which, as we already know, is very robotic. Artificial intelligence will balance the costs of the economy and will promote more developed countries that have access to cheaper energy, such as Germany or France. If we do not try to catch up with these countries, we will simply be left behind - says Krzysztof Inglot, President of Personnel Service.

As he notes, the large-scale use of artificial intelligence will have serious social consequences . According to estimates from 325 scientists from around the world who expressed their opinion in a report published by Oxford and Yale, robots in 45 years will perform all tasks that people perform today. "Artificial intelligence will be able to arrange any set of LEGO bricks, in 2026 it will write an essay, and a year later it will replace truck drivers. At the end of the century, artificial intelligence will be able to independently design, program and modify new robots, "the Personnel Service experts report.

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In their opinion, the race for a high position in the robotic world will be won by those countries that can boast of a rich scientific background . Countries investing in research, development of technologies related to artificial intelligence and promoting these specializations in college will have an advantage. Experts point out that it is also important to gradually change the learning system that should promote creative thinking and in a world dominated by artificial intelligence, developing a critical approach should form the basis of education , because in creative ideas, robots will not be able to replace people for a long time.

- Many countries are already aware of what revolution awaits us. It's time for our country to start intensive preparation. All this so that we would not be left behind this race - says Krzysztof Inglot. - At this point, the economy of our country is developing very well . This should be used to focus our attention on important issues from the point of view of our place in the robotic world - he adds.



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