Westworld will continue to confuse you in its second season

Review without 'spoilers' The HBO series opens this Sunday, April 22 and the best recommendation we can give you before seeing it is: keep your first season fresh because things only complicate.

Westworld will continue to confuse you in its second season

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But I have to say that the second season of Westworld - or the 5 episodes that HBO has put at my disposal to write this review - I liked them a lot. On the one hand I have the feeling that the marathon model that allows you to consume several episodes in a few days is doing very well to this series. The Netflix formula is perfect for this HBO drama, which prefers to release a new episode every week. The complexity of the frames, multitude of chronological and narrative lines and number of hidden messages contained in this series make it perfect to be consumed in a short period of time. At least for a viewer tending to forget names like Delos, Sweetwater and Man in Black, like me.

The second reason I think  Westworld  is convincing me more this year is their women. The titles of credit of the series start with the name of Evan Rachel Wood (Dolores) first, then we see that of Thandie Newton (Maeve). Both have characters more protagonists and leaders this season. They are not the only ones. Tessa Thompson recovers the Charlotte we met at the end of last season and we will see how ruthless or not this business woman and executive of Delos.

Not only that, almost like wanting to mark the differences with last season, for the moment I have not seen a single female nude. And instead the first episode of season 2 had a complete male nude. It seems that HBO and  Westworld  are applying the Game of Thrones corrective formula .

And yes, the series is still loaded with existential philosophy about what it implies or not to be human. "What is real?" Asks Dolores during the first episode of season 2. "What can not be replaced," replies Bernard or perhaps Arnold, in any case played by Jeffrey Wright. She is not convinced. Surely you are not either. And you are going to doubt everything you thought you already knew about  Westworld. You will suspect who is a host and who is a guest. You will not be able to stop training new theories. And I'm afraid this season may end with even more questions than the last one left us.
Westworld will continue to confuse you in its second season

A second season that also offers a bigger view of the Westworld park (yes, you will see new sections beyond the West); that will make you feel even more like a host droid (just like them, you do not know what the world is like beyond the Westworld park in  Westworld) ; and that he keeps playing with the multiple chronological lines and difficult to order.

"Is this now?" Says Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) during a particularly confusing moment for him this second season, echoing the many doubts that lie in wait for the viewer trying to order the chronology of  Westworld . "I can not distinguish if this is now or then," Bernard also says at another point in the series, that we really dare not say whether it is before or after Bernard's other date. The writers of Westworld are especially targeted this year.
Westworld will continue to confuse you in its second season

And if all this does not seem like enough reasons for you to get hooked again to the HBO science fiction series, naturally you can always do it for its soundtrack. The composer Ramin Djawadi - to whom we also owe the original music of Game of Thrones and such defining themes as this - returns to take charge of the scores. And among the selection of non-original songs, you'll be able to listen to "Play with Fire" by the Stones , "Do the Strand" by Roxy Music , and listen to a new instrumental version of "Paint it Black".

Cast or cast

Evan Rachel Wood returns as Dolores. They also repeat Thandie Newton (Maeve), Ed Harris (Man in Black), Jeffrey Wright (we think Bernard, but maybe Arnold too), James Marsden (Teddy), Tessa Thompson (Charlotte), Jimmi Simpson (William), Rodrigo Santoro (Hector), Simon Quarterman (Lee), Luke Hemsworth (Ashley) and Talulah Riley (Angela).

Westworld will continue to confuse you in its second seasonKatja Herbers plays Grace, a new character you will meet in the third episode and who has all the characteristics to contribute to the strong and interesting female cast.

Gustaf SkarsgÄrd and Fares Fares also join this season.

Oh, and HBO has asked us not to reveal the  casting  of a cameo in the second episode of the series. We'll just say that Breaking Bad fans are   going to be very happy.


We would love to explain what will happen in the second season but suffice it to say that trying to do it is ... complicated (the different chronological lines continue to prevail and we do not know what comes before and after) and we do not want to ruin the pleasure of go discovering and unfolding Westworld little by little. Yes we will tell you that you will need to be clear about how things were last season to be able to fit the pieces and characters exposed in this second. Also that Westworld is a series that feels good binge-watching . If you can, watch more than one episode at a time.


This is the trailer for Season 2 of Westworld that HBO has released, to the rhythm of the iconic "Heart-Shaped Box" by Nirvana but instrumentally versioned here by Ramin Djawadi , the composer of the soundtrack of Westworld and Game of Thrones .

Release dates

The second season of Westworld has 10 episodes and premieres on HBO on April 22 in the United States and Latin America. The series can be seen on HBO in Spain from April 23.



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