Twitter will group tweets that share the same link: report

The company is testing a new option in its effort to generate more conversation within the social network.

Twitter will group tweets that share the same link: report

Twitter is testing a new modality of automatic grouping of tweets, which will allow users to see in one place several messages that have been shared with the same link, which will allow to know at a glance several points of view related to the same information.

As the company confirmed to BuzzFeed , the idea is for the platform to find messages that contain the same link, and be able to group it on a card. Thus, users will see the news, the headline, the photograph and the link, and below all the comments of those who have previously shared it.

With this action, Twitter will prevent users from seeing the same news shared again and again in their timeline, which is usually boring especially when the information is tweeted by many bots with similar messages simultaneously and that show you the same photo and headline of the news. This step also makes it clear that the company continues to rely on chronological order, something different from what happens on Instagram or Facebook.

Twitter already eliminated a few months ago the possibility that two accounts tweeted the same messages at the same time, an action that helps you fight bots , one of your biggest headaches.

In its last report at the end of March, the company announced that it had 336 million monthly active users , an increase slightly higher than the previous quarter, although much less than the 2 billion monthly users of Facebook.



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