The game 'FIFA 18' receives the Russia 2018 World Cup

FIFA 18' for PS4, Xbox and PC has a free update containing the 32 World Cup selections and there is a new way to play with any selection, even with those who did not qualify.

The game 'FIFA 18' receives the Russia 2018 World Cup

Good news. The Russia 2018 World Cup will come to the FIFA 18 game  .

As of May 29, the owners of a copy of the EA 18 FIFA 18 game will be able to download a free update that includes the World Cup - and all 32 national teams that will participate in the most important soccer tournament in the world.

The update includes two key points. The first is that the 32 selections can be used to play with your selection from the comfort of your room, as if you were in the championship. EA Sports ensures that this mode includes the entire World Cup experience, from the field level advertising in the 12 Russian stadiums and the trophy that will be delivered on July 15.

The second novelty of this update will delight fans of the teams that did not qualify for Russia 2018. EA Sports says that Custom Tournament mode will allow players to create a tournament to their liking and even choose the United States team, Chile , Italy, Holland and other countries that were left out of this year's World Cup.

 Remember that this update will reach your  FIFA 18  regardless of whether it is for PS4, Xbox or PC on May 29 ... and we already told you that it is a free update?



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