Netflix will bet on science fiction

Netflix will bet on science fiction

A huge role in the success of the online service Netflix played fantasy and fantastic TV series. Only in the last couple of years, the hearts of viewers and critics have been subdued by such television projects of the streaming giant as " Mysterious Events ", " OA ", " Modified Carbon " and " Lost in Space ". According to the company Ampere Analysis, the management of Netflix is ​​preparing new surprises for fans of sai-fa and expects to make fantasy and science fiction the dominant genres of its service.

American analysts managed to establish that the most rated project Netflix last year was the second season of the series " Mysterious events"Which on the day of its premiere gathered about 25 million spectators from the screens. The closest pursuer of the mystical drama about the mysterious town of Hawkins was the mini-series " Defenders ". Superheroic thriller studio Marvel for the premiere day looked more than 10 million people.

For a long time, Netflix subscribers have given main preference to comedies, but the successes of his latest science fiction series have changed this situation. According to the results of the first quarter of this year, the leaders of the most popular online service genres have managed to break out for themselves for the first time. The second line is occupied by comedies, and on the third step of the podium there are action games and adventures.

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The leadership of Netflix immediately responded to the change in the tastes of its audience. According to the forecasts of Ampere Analysis, the share of fantasy and fantastic TV series in the total volume of new projects of the leader of the world streaming industry will be increased to 29%.

An example with Netflix is ​​ready to take other well-known online services. So, the media giant Amazon intends to spend $ 1 billion to create a series based on the fantasy saga " The Lord of the Rings, " and the young Apple's telecottage only for the past six months announced a remake of the fantastic anthology " Amazing Stories ", a space show from the creator of the " Galaxy Star Cruiser " and the adaptation of the book series of Isaac Azimov " Foundation ".



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