Huawei will sell the P20 and P20 Lite rose gold as a special edition

Huawei has announced the availability of the Huawei P20 and P20 Lite in pink gold. The devices will arrive in Spain just for the promotions of Mother's Day that is celebrated next week.

Huawei will sell the P20 and P20 Lite rose gold as a special edition

As explained by the company at a press conference, both phones in pink gold will only be sold in the chain of stores of El Corte Ingles, so they can not be purchased with any operator or other stores.

To encourage the purchase of this device as part of the Mother's Day campaign, El Corte Inglés is offering a discount of up to 50 euros when an old mobile phone is delivered to buy the Huawei P20 - and it also applies to the P20 Pro- and up to 20 euros for the P20 Lite.
Huawei will sell the P20 and P20 Lite rose gold as a special edition

Despite being considered a special edition, the phones in pink gold tone will not be more expensive. They will have the same price of 369 euros for the P20 Lite and 649 euros for the P20. Of course, El Corte Inglés has launched a promotion that allows the acquisition of high-end phones - the P20 and P20 Pro - 24 months without interest, while the P20 Lite can be purchased at 12 months without interest.

El Corte Inglés and Huawei will give the users who purchase the phone during this promotion Bluetooth sports speakers, valued at 60 euros.

You can read here the analyzes of the Huawei P20 , P20 Lite and P20 Pro and even see our comparisons with other phones to make your best purchase decision.

While Huawei in Europe remains in the top three of mobile phone manufacturers, according to the latest data from Kantar,  in the United States the situation is significantly different, because the company has not only encountered obstacles to sell their phones with operators or chain stores, but could also be under official government investigation



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