How to get the new Gmail right now

Gmail is experimenting with an immense redesign that brings a lot of new features. Here we tell you how to get the new version of Gmail right now.

How to get the new Gmail right now

Google just announced a major update to Gmail by adding new features such as notifications of important messages, a confidential mode and better offline support  .

Not all features will be available at launch. The features that will be immediately available include the new design, smart answers, the option to mute emails and a new tool panel that is located on the right side of the Gmail interface for easy access to Tasks or Tasks (which has also been redesigned) and Calendar.

The process to get the new design and new features depends on the type of Google account you have.

Regular Gmail users

You can enable the new design and new features by clicking on  Configurations  (the notched wheel in the upper right corner) and then selecting the option Try the new Gmail . If you later want to go back to the previous version, you can go to the same place and select "Go back to the classic version of Gmail". This handy Gmail guide  can help you.

G Suite users

If you have a Gmail account that you use for work or school, then it will be the administrator of the account who will have to enable the new Gmail through the Early Adopter Program.

The administrator will have to use the Google Admin console and opt for the new Gmail. This means, unfortunately, that getting access to new Gmail is out of your hands.



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