How to add your PayPal account to Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay was originally announced in 2017 but now offers support for PayPal. This is what you need to know.

Almost a year after announcing it, Samsung Pay finally offers support for PayPal .

An update, which is currently happening in the Google Play Store, is required so you can see the new feature. So before you start, make sure you have the Play Store open and verify the updates, especially those that correspond to the Samsung Pay app .

How to add your PayPal account to Samsung Pay

To add your PayPal account, open Samsung Pay and choose the Wallet tab at the bottom of the screen. Next, touch the "+" symbol followed by Add PayPal .

How to add your PayPal account to Samsung Pay
The following steps require that you enter your PayPal account and that you authorize Samsung Pay to have access to your PayPal account. The process takes a few seconds.

Other things to take into account

Once you have enlisted your PayPal account to Samsung Pay, the app will ask you to register a PIN number to make purchases in a store. Remember that PIN number well.

Another configuration that you must confirm is the amount that Samsung Pay will use to fill out your PayPal account using your preferred payment source. The lowest amount I could select is US $ 10, and reached the limit of US $ 50. When the balance of your PayPal account reaches zero, Samsung Pay will charge your payment source the amount established to cover the difference.



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