Facebook launches new tools for fundraising

The social network will stop charging a fee for collections on the platform and announces a tool for organizations to equalize contributions.

Facebook launches new tools for fundraising

Facebook announced on Friday new functions for organizations and people who raise funds for various purposes through the social network.

Mark Zuckerberg's company said it will no longer charge a fee for fundraising for projects or personal causes, and that foundations now have a new tool so they can match contributions.

Facebook says that the role of matching contributions comes because many users who create a fundraiser on Facebook, usually say that if they reach an amount, they will donate the same amount from their pockets.

Now, Facebook facilitates this by adding the option to match a donation of between US $ 5 and US $ 2,500. This feature is active only for users in the United States.

Facebook also said it will stop charging a fee on every fundraiser created by individuals, not nonprofits. Facebook says that this is to help projects such as donations for an operation of relatives, the payment of funeral services or help to buy school supplies, be easier.

"We are inspired by the various ways in which people come together to support each other," says the social network in the statement. "We know that people care about the organizations and the causes and goals they pursue."

Facebook said it will continue to charge a small fee for processing the payment and paying taxes. 



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