Apple reduced production of iPhone X for spring

Apple reduced production of iPhone X for spring: report
Apple 'alone' will send to produce 8 million units of the phone without bevels, according to Fast Company magazine, reaffirming that the interest is below the expected.

Apple reduced production of iPhone X for spring

Apple apparently is still affected by the supposedly warm iPhone X sales .

Fast Company magazine sources  claim that the Cupertino company only ordered the manufacture of 8 million units of the iPhone X during the second quarter of the year (April to June), a short figure that apparently shows the least interest in the cell phone. Apple - which costs US $ 999.

Fast Company sources say that Apple is still trying to sell the units that the distributors failed to sell since the end of last year.

The Fast Company report coincides with what was said by manufacturers of components of the iPhone X. Samsung, which manufactures the OLED panel on the cell phone, said this week that it had a lukewarm panel sale in recent months and hopes that it will continue. TSMC, maker of other components for Apple devices, said the same about selling their chips.

A recent cellphone survey showed that the main reason for not buying Apple's phone is its price. The iPhone 8 Plus , which costs US $ 200 less, offers the same technical specifications, although it does not have a Face ID or an OLED screen.

Given all this information, several reports say that Apple wants to lower the price of the second generation of the iPhone X to launch this year. Apple would be trying to convince Samsung to lower the prices of OLED screens and thus pass the reduction of costs to consumers. According to rumors, the company considers selling the new cellphone at US $ 899. The company would also try to sell a phone with a similar but more affordable finish, for around US $ 700.



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