Amazon revenues reach US $ 51,000 million

Amazon revenues reach US $ 51,000 million

Amazon has its hands on everything - digital commerce, smart speakers, streaming services and software  in the cloud - which means it has many sources to generate revenue. And he has done it again.
Amazon revenues reach US $ 51,000 million

The technology giant on Thursday announced that during its first fiscal quarter of 2018 it obtained revenues of US $ 51,000 million, representing an increase of 43 percent compared to US $ 35,700 million of the same quarter a year earlier. This figure surpassed the US $ 49,900 million expected by Wall Street analysts. Amazon also achieved profits of US $ 1,600 million.

Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon, thanked the Amazon Web Services (AWS) team that works in the cloud service for contributing a large part to the Seattle company's revenues.

"AWS had the unusual advantage of having started seven years before the competition, and the team always does its best," Bezos said in a statement. "That's why we're seeing this accelerated growth of AWS for two consecutive quarters."

For its part, the Amazon Prime subscription service - which now totals  100 million members  - also contributes substantially to the company. However, due to the cost of free deliveries that grew 38 percent year-on-year, Amazon also announced on Thursday that Amazon will increase Prime's price to US $ 119 in the US. from May 11 for new members and June 16 for renewals.

If the rise in the price does not deter you from signing up for Prime, Amazon reminded us in its statement that it is preparing the production - with the help of Steven Spielberg - of its new original series Cortes that features Javier Bardem in the lead role. He also mentioned that, the portal of the digital store in the Aztec country, now has 20 million products that can be purchased by Prime for free delivery to 13,000 zip codes. Amazon recently announced that consumers in Mexico, and in other countries around the world, can now order from the US portal. and pay the shipping for delivery in their countries.



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