All Netflix premieres in Mexico in May 2018

This month, the well-known American presenter David Letterman will have the comedian Tina Fey on his Netflix show, they return original series like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (fourth season), Trollhunters (third part) and Bill Nye Saves the World (third season).

All Netflix premieres in Mexico in May 2018

You can also watch films like  The Hunter and the Ice Queen or Chappie , about an android that inserts itself into a family in an imaginary future. Honestly, we did not see many more movies on the list that we think are worthwhile. Maybe Netflix took a vacation this month.

All Netflix premieres in Mexico in May 2018

* Contents that can be downloaded to your device

May 1

On certain occasions (Netflix original) *
Hero of shopping center 2 *
Perfect strangers *
27: Gone Too Soon *
Pocoyo and the space circus *

May 2

Chappie *
Bloody heart *
The voices *
Never leave me alone *

May 4th

The Rain: season 1 (Netflix original) *
They do not need a presentation with David Letterman: Tina Fey (Netflix original) *
Peques in command with Carol Burnett (Netflix original) *
Dear White People: volume 2 (original from Netflix) *
Surprise !: season 1 (Netflix original) *
Anon (original from Netflix) *
The simplest thing is to complicate everything
The final game (original from Netflix) *
Kong: King of the monkeys: season 2 (Netflix original) *

May 11

Bill Nye Saves the World: season 3 (Netflix original) *
The kissing stand (original from Netflix) *
Carlos Ballarta: Furia near (original from Netflix) *
Genius of Evil: season 1 (Netflix original) *
Spirit: Riding Free: season 5 (Netflix original) *
Who was it ?: The series: season 1 (Netflix original) *

may 13th

Kickboxer: Retaliation *
Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife (Netflix original) *
May 16

Large minipowers: seasons 1 and 2 *

May 18

Cargo (original from Netflix) *

May 22nd

Mob Psycho 100: season 1 (Netflix original) *

May 24

Fauda: season 2 (Netflix original) *
Survivor's Guide to Prison *

25 of May

The Toys That Made Us: season 2 (Netflix original) *
Ibiza (original from Netflix) *
Trollhunters: part 3 (original from Netflix) *

May 26

Sara's notebook (original from Netflix) *
The hunter and the ice queen *

May 30

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: season 4 (Netflix original) *

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