5 hidden functions of the new Windows 10 update

Learn about these hidden features that are also included in the next version of Windows 10.

The new version of Windows 10  is almost here. While the new features, such as your timeline and proximity sharing receive headlines, and the Settings app is larger and better , there are also a number of smaller but useful features that are worth mentioning.

                                Cortana creates lists and reminders in advance

The Cortana Notebook page looks a bit different with the April 10 update of Windows 10 and gives more priority to lists and reminders. The Cortana Notebook page now includes two tabs that make browsing a little easier. In the Organizer tab , your lists and reminders are now in front and center, which facilitates the use of these two tools. The rest of the Notebook tools are located in the Manage Skills tab  and allows you to connect apps and smart home devices, configure calendar preferences and more.

In addition, a button with a pencil icon has been added next to your name in the Organizer tab, which you can use to add your favorite places (that is, the locations of your home and work) so you can get updates of traffic during your daily trip. This setting is not new, but previously it was almost hidden in the About Me page on Cortana's Notebook.

5 hidden functions of the new Windows 10 update

Fix 'blurry' apps
Not all efforts to expand the scale of vision of something are successful. That's why Windows 10 has an option to scale objects that, for example, increase the size of fonts and icons on high-resolution screens so you can read text without squinting while keeping your screen in its original resolution , where the image is clearer and sharper. Sometimes, however, this process of scaling something can cause the screen or some objects to be blurred. Now, you can allow Windows to try to rectify a fuzzy scaling result. Go to Settings> System> Display> Advanced scale settings and enable Allow Windows to try to fix the applications so they are not blurry .

5 hidden functions of the new Windows 10 update

Close apps that respond to us

When you are facing an app that does not respond, surely your instant reflex is to press Control-Alt-Delete, activate the Task Manager, select your 'locked' application and click Finish Task. This continues to work but, consistent with Microsoft's decision to include more features and functionality in the Settings app, you can now use it to exit apps that froze. Just go to Settings> Applications> Applications and functions , look for the 'locked' app in the list, click on Advanced options and then click on the Finish button .

5 hidden functions of the new Windows 10 update

Bar of games: Better and bigger
The bar of games of Windows 10 to transmit your adventures in the games has grown a little with the addition of some new buttons along with a clock. Now you can track the time you spend with a clock on the left side, and the new buttons that allow you to turn on and off the camera and microphone of your PC.

5 hidden functions of the new Windows 10 update

Only for the Windows 10 S version: Login with the Authenticator app

I have not tried this yet, but it seems promising if you have Windows 10 S. It's something I hope will be added soon to Windows 10 updates: the option to configure and use your PC without even having to enter a password or a PIN. The Spring Creators Update and Windows 10 S update will allow you to use the Authenticator app to configure your PC, according to Microsoft . And then, Windows Hello will allow you to log in with your webcam and your face. You will not need more passwords!

I use the Authenticator app on my iPhone (US $ 999.99 in Cricket Wireless) regularly to log in to the Microsoft applications I have configured with two-step authorization, and I love how fast and painless the process is. I would love to be able to configure a new PC without having to create and remember another password in my life.



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